Monday, June 18, 2012

Top 5 list to make two humans

You know there are many reasons to have a second child - and you also know I love lists.  Here is my list about the reasons you should seriously consider having another child...for real...swear I'm not kidding...

#5 - Maternity Leave - Maternity leave for the lucky ones is a wonderful 3 months of couch sitting and TV watching.  Sure you only get to eat once every 7 hours when your kid falls asleep for 5 seconds but it's totally worth it.  Did I also mention the fact that it let's you spend countless hours with your spouse that you never had before, which of course leads to you never getting on each others nerves or thinking the other one is a lazy schmuck.  That never happens. 

#4 - New baby smell - Nothing beats abused diapers and cheesy milk neck.

#3 - Late Night TV - Have you forgotten all those old shows you used to love?  Well let the little one re-introduce you to 3am television.  If you're lucky you might end up with Insanity work out videos being delivered to your house...or perhaps possibly WEN hair products...or Proactiv.

#2 - Big Boobs - Hecks to the yes, there big - gorgeous - and the last thing you want to do is show them off but the look on your husbands face when he learns there not for touching anymore is quite priceless.

#1 - Need to shake things up in your schedule Looking to change things up a bit?  Not really thrilled with the day to day life in your house anymore?? Have things gotten to mundane and easy?  Are you getting sick of coming home to watch TV and drink wine and sleep 8 hours every night - If this sounds like you, it's time to sound the baby sirens.