Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Banana Bread + House Changes

I have a math problem for you, most likely you wouldn’t have needed my help coming up with the answer to my problem but I went ahead anyways and solved it for you.

Me + Husband + 4 year old + 1 year old + hotel room + 4 days = Wine Time.

We’ve gone and sold our house, and it had to be tented before we could close. The family and I decided to shack up in a hotel for 4 days and brave the Lego Land Water Park in 60 degree weather and gale force winds…and we survived!

Go us.

We’ve also managed to buy another house! We’re in love of course, and can’t wait to move in. We’re just busy with paperwork and final details at the moment. Once we’re all moved in I’ll be sure to give you a tour. This place has a brand new oven I can’t wait to break in, how else will I reheat all the Taco Bell tacos I eat. Of course I’m also thinking about food pictures and just how my new counter tops will look in them.

I also managed to make banana bread – I am so freaking awesome it hurts. My review of it, nothing special but just fine and with very little ingredients very very easy.