Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Things we've learned.

Things Learned in Year 1.
Her - Rolling, Sitting, Crawling, Eating, Walking.
Me – I can eat a full dinner in 3 minutes flat.

Things Learned in Year 2.
Her - Talking, Brushing Teeth, ABC’s, Dancing.
Me – Your forgot to bring a spare outfit to the park, you’re going to pay for that.

Things Learned Year 3.
Her – Drawing, Writing, Singing, Sports.
Me – Don’t send your kid to school in white shorts because they’re serving tomato soup.

Things Learned Year 4.
Her – Reading, Monster High, Fake Crying, Swimming.
Me – Orange Juice and your new couch do not mix. Kids coloring each others feet with marker on your new couch do not mix.

We’re both so smart! ready for Year 5 soon!

Monday, June 24, 2013

We finally got the house!

These past few weeks have been HELL on earth. First off we sold our house - that was a breeze. The real horror started with finding our dream house and then being chewed up and spit out for 8 weeks while trying to buy it. I consumed Popeye’s every day for weeks, it was WINE-o’clock every night by 7pm, and I probably wasn’t the nicest mommy that whole time either.

But finally, that house is ours. After a bidding war, 3 appraisals, 4 episodes of re-locking our rate, notary’s mailing paperwork to the wrong people, and countless (642) emails, that effing house is ours!! Maxim Properties, you did not beat me!

PS - It's back to posting regularly for me!!  I'm making it a "me" priority.