Monday, August 19, 2013

Indigo turns FIVE

Indigo is 5, YAY!  So we had her bithday over the weekend (ok like 4 weekends ago I’m slow to post) and it was a Monster High Themed Party.  Lots of things happened during this party, and I plan to fill you in accordingly.

Number 1 - I taped lots of cool things to a table for decoration, I made everything by hand - aren't I crafty?  Are you not amazed?

Ok that's a lie, but I did drive to Party City and purchase everything.  I also managed to tape down that pesky table cover that never seems to stay put - even with a breeze that couldn't knock over an ant that thing was hanging on by a string (actually it was hanging on with about 10lbs of tape).

Screw you plastic table cover = I WIN!

I made cupcakes!  I normally make everything by hand but this stuff came from a box and can.  For some reason I got more compliments on them than anything else?????

What's up with that friends, do you not enjoy my normal baking!?!

Speaking of people enjoying my cooking, I made these lovely mummy dogs!  OMG, are they not the cutest thing, and who the heck doesn't enjoy a crescent roll??  If you're raising your hand you have issues.

So how could crescent mummy dogs go wrong?  I made the HUGE mistake of putting two micro dots of mustard on each of them for eyes.

Apparently mustard is "icky, gross, poo poo, ewwwwwwwww" Hence they were all rejected by the children.  This worked out in the adults favor.

Then we all took a walk after the party and spent the rest of their energy at the park.

And then all the adults drank too much wine and had hangovers, THE END

Happy 5th Indigo!