Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We have art! Coffee Can art.

How about creating something out of those old coffee cans? Yes, no? I say yes, especially if your kid is bored and needs something new to do. Me & Indy had a great hour or so creating a few coffee planters.

Finger Paint
Paint brushes..or not
Coffee cans
Blanket, or you can do this outside with no protection
Kid (any age)

Strap child to a chair in front a table that has a sheet thrown over it. Place paints in front of child. I used an old egg carton to hold the paints. Place can on table next to paints. Place brush in child’s hands.

Now your particular artist may like to do a little paint mixing now, or perhaps test out the colors on their face; then again which great artist didn’t do that?

At some point my husbands double got down to business, GO INDY!

“Mommy don’t take the product, MINE MINE”

Oh wait, I can remedy your sadness Indy! Hugs lady.

And the finished product

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