Friday, December 7, 2012

Planes are not fun

Dude, plane rides with a 4 year old and 8 month old double suck.  I would actually pay an extra 500 dollars for another person’s ticket just to help me & the hubster out.  That’s right Husband and I were straight up broken souls after the flights.

Things that happened on the airplane that involved drinks…there were plenty.  Let’s just say the guy in front of us got his head washed with some Sprite Zero.  Let’s also say that my pants and a can of Coke became friends when I looked away from my babies prying hands for 2 seconds.

Have you ever had to run through O’Hare with 2 kids…without your stroller?  ME ME ME ME ME, I have.  We had to ditch our stroller that we gate checked just to make it to our connection since all of our flights were delayed.  My biceps = flimsy hurting sacks of muscle.

Does your baby sleep on airplanes? If so then the heck with you!  Mine stayed up for 8 hours of flight time.  Have you ever watched 8 hours tick by before, while being trapped on an airplane?  Have you ever watched 8 hours tick by before, while being trapped on an airplane, with 2 kids?

But heck, we made it.  Now imagine two San Diego peeps and 40 degree weather.  We arrived in Pittsburgh to flurries!!

Oh OH OH, I have one more funny story.  We accidentally took a toll road and when we got to the toll we didn’t have quarters or any *real* money for that matter.  It was snowing and about midnight…We flipped our stuff  patiently waited  until a nice person came up after about 15 minutes and graciously gave us 50 cents.

Next we spent a glorious 10 days relaxing, visiting, tv watching, wine drinking etc.  I have to say though I will not be flying for at least 5 more years.  SORRY MOM!


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Cute pictures and pug!

Have a great weekend.



Daisy said...

sounds like some rough travels but glad to hear you finally made it in one piece.

Pam said...

Oh, I can easily imagine! But I bet your mom is ecstatic you're all there. Your kids are adorable and so is the dog!

TLGW said...

hm, you could fly your mom out ahead of time then have her fly both the kids back in one plan while you take one an hour later....fingers tenting, excellent.

Sue said...

My heart always goes out to people on planes when I hear their baby screaming! I'm glad you survived:) They sure look alike!

Chris said...

If after life you end up in line for hell, you can say, "No thanks, I already paid my time."