Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crash or SMASHED hot potatoes

I made those famous Crash Hot Potatoes last night - yah they're great! I followed the basic recipe from the Pioneer Woman’s website.


I chose to use my favorite potato, the Yukon Gold. My local store had a nice bag of baby Yukon’s, so cute. I find this particular potato can be baked and eaten with nothing other then a fork, great flavor in my opinion. I would totally make-out with a Yukon Gold if I had one with me right now.

So here my story, I brought a large pot of salted water to a boil. Next I added the whole bag of Baby Yukon Gold taters and let them boil until I could poke a fork through. While the potatoes where cooking I slathered a large baking pan with Olive Oil, I really coated the pan (ie: you could fry chicken on this pan). Once the potatoes were ready I transferred them all onto a towel so I could dry them off, and then I transferred them to my baking dish. I didn’t have a potato masher so I used a fork, which worked just fine. If the potato split oddly I just pushed it back together with my fingers. If the potato was on the larger side, I cut off the top then mashed it. Alright after you have your potatoes mashed you need to coat them very liberally with more Olive oil. I didn’t have a brush and just used a paper towel coated in olive oil. Now comes the fun, your toppings. I used 5 cloves of chopped garlic, kosher salt, pepper, rosemary & parmesan. I was very liberal with the salt and all the rest I held back….just a little though.

Check out the art!

So I baked these bad boys for 25 minutes at 450, perfect. I removed from the heat and well…the only ones that made it to a plate where the ones in my picture. Myself and the husband ate them straight from the pan. They were just really good. I served them with a side of Asparagus that I tossed with Olive oil & seasoning salt, then fried in a pan for about 10 minutes.

I also found a great little center piece, I used the bottom of the asparagus and placed it in a small coffee mug.



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