Monday, July 30, 2012

Fire Alarms & Balls

Things I’ve had to endure the last week or so have been exciting. Want to know what’s happening with Indigo’s family? Let me fill you in on the curious conversations & antics.

Fire Alarms…

- They are red

- They are red and really stand out

- They are red, stand out, and beckon to toddlers "come here toddler, wanna play?"

- Indigo’s favorite color is purple

- Fire alarms are not purple

- Indigo still pulled the fire alarm

Co-Ed Baths…get your head out of the gutter

- They save time

- They save water

- They save my sanity

- Indigo has noticed that she and brother are different

- We have no fire alarm in our bathroom

- Indigo has now added the word scrotum to her vocabulary versus balls, did I choose right???  I mean I debated what word I wanted her to use in conversations with her fellow toddler friends and scrotum seemed more appropriate.

I got my hair chopped

- It is short

- It is easy peasy

- It is still black

- Indigo’s favorite color is purple

- There was a fire alarm at the salon I went to

- I do not have a scrotum, just incase you were wondering

Well that rounds out my updates for the week. Hug


Daisy said...

TOO FUNNY! your hair looks great.

SprinkleBakes said...

Bahahahhaha! Too. Stinkin'. Funny.

You are rocking that short hair! Wish I could.


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I love your hair! You look stunning.



Pam said...

Too funny! Love your hair!

Kris @ said...

I love that hair cut!!! you look fantastic! we use scrotum too. i am not mature enough to hear my son say balls all the time :) i still laugh at scrotum when he's not looking.

Unknown said...

Love the new hair!!! And, hilarious post! Seriously!!

Gerry @Foodness Gracious said...

Maybe I'll have stopped laughing by next week, my daughters going through the whole difference thing with her brother too, makes for some fun times at bath time I'll tell ya...

The F Word Blog said...

Your hair looks adorbs!

I can't believe Indigo pulled the fire alarm! At least it made a good story :)

Holly said...

LOVIN' your short hair! You and your little ones are so dang cute!

teresa said...

aw, children, been there.

LOVE the haircut!

Val said...

Your hair looks wonderful. You are hilarious.

Jane said...

Your haircut is adorable, and your writing style is refreshingly funny. I love it! :) When my boys were little, we just went with "testicles" and though they had a hard time pronouncing it, we always knew what they were talkin' about. I think "scrotum" was a good choice, too!

Laurie {Simply Scratch} said...

LOVE the haircut! Totally wish I could pull it off... but my long hair is a security blanket I just can't part with! Hilarious post as usual! :)

Marina {Yummy Mummy) said...

Just catching up with you! You and your new haircut look gorgeous. Indigo is getting so big and adorable. It's funny only having girls I haven't had to have the "scrotum" talk... yet. My 4 year old has notice something is different when her friends little brothers get diaper changes :) Loved this post - I was cracking up! xoxo

Allison Preiss said...

Love the new do!