Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Egg Salad Sandwiches

Well Easter was quite exciting, not only did I have a refreshing experience at church but that was followed up by a 7.2 earthquake! I was leaning against the counter chatting with my husband about Moses of all things and Indigo was frantically playing with a balloon. So back to the leaning, all of a sudden I was being pushed off the counter! I thought to myself “WTF”, it was so weird then all of a sudden I realized what was happening.

Also, can I just say that my choice of pants has been really limited since I have probably gained about 12 pounds in the last couple of months…so I am going to have to calorie count; I don’t really mind doing it I am just sad that I can’t eat anything and everything I want…not to mention any AMOUNT that I want.

Back to Easter, Indigo and I colored eggs. If you have not done this since childhood don’t worry because nothing has changed. I picked up our PAAS coloring set and set out to make Indigo have a *first* and very special coloring experience. Well let me tell you what I really ended up with was a tie dyed child and frazzled nerves. Indy just wanted to dump dye on the floor apparently and she wasn’t having it when I tried to grab the bowls from her. The most famous words that come from ANY toddler mouth are “MINE MINE MINE, mine mommy” and then that is when the dye hits the floor and the nerves are burnt.

I do have some photographic evidence that makes the experience look very relaxing…but do not let them fool you…just check out the cat in the back round as she decides to exit the room before the party started.

“Mommy wow, look at your beautiful presentation of the Easter egg coloring bowls, bravo!”

“Ummm. Mommy, I think those bowls need to be a little closer”

“Moommmmmmy, I want the bowls NOW!”

“See Mommy, that wasn’t hard!”

And then we were left with the most fabulous little dozen of colorful eggs, which promptly turned themselves into egg salad; like any good egg should.


12 hard boiled eggs, diced
4-6 large spoonfuls of Mayonnaise, eyeball it as far as dryness goes as we all have different tastes.
1/4 teaspoon dry mustard
2 tbs of finely chopped celery
2 tbs of finely chopped chives
4 tbs of parmesan cheese
Salt & Pepper to taste


Easy peasy, combine all ingredients & mix – toast some bread & apply!


Sawdustmomma said...

We dyed easter eggs too! The boys (4-5 years old) made the usual mess. For the girls we had some egg spinner thing. Put a drop or two of food coloring in there and an egg. You push the big button on top and it spins the egg and the dye. No mess, and cool looking eggs.

As much fun as it sounds, I have yet to have fun dying eggs with the kids. Maybe when they are older and past the spaz age. LOL.

Jennifurla said...

I need this spinner thing you speak of! Me and Indy were in bad moods after the whole experience! :)

I was just really excited that when AI dyed eggs as a kid we used the SAME exact stuff, blows my mind that it hasn't changed one bit.